Engineering is concerned with the design, construction and use of structures, different equipment and processes that make day to day operations easier, more efficient, more accurate and faster. It does this through the application of empirical evidence, mathematical formulas and approaches and scientific methods. Therefore engineering is a combination of science, technology and art to improve day to day life or to solve problems.

Types of Engineering

There are four broad categories of engineering that can be further subdivided into other disciplines: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and electrical engineering. Chemical engineering is concerned with the manufacture or processing of raw materials into finished goods. Some of the sub-disciplines of chemical engineering include molecular, biochemical, material, corrosion and process engineering.

Civil engineering involves design, construction as well as the maintenance of the built environments. It also has a couple of sub disciplines including mining, structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources and utility engineering. Mechanical engineering is usually applied in the manufacture and use of machinery since it involves the analysis of heat and mechanical power. Thermal, vehicle, sports, acoustical, energy, power plant, optomechanical and manufacturing engineering are some of the sub-disciplines.

When it comes to electrical, electromagnetism and electronics, the field concerned is Electrical Engineering. It includes optical, computer, power and electronic engineering. However, not all fields fall squarely into one category and these are referred to as inter-disciplinary fields. These include: biological, biomedical, applied, mechatronics, industrial, military management, energy, information engineering and many others.

Metal Engineering

Also referred to as metal fabrications, it is the process through which structures are built from metals through cutting, bending and joining different parts. A metal fabrication shop usually employs various processes in building these structures and often, each process is carried out by an experienced specialist. Cutting, forming, welding and machining are some of the processes that are involved in metal engineering.

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Who needs engineering and what is it used for?

All manufacturing and processing plants require engineering processes in their day to day operations. The machinery used, the processes and structures in place were most likely designed and assembled by engineers. They also require the engineering services in the maintenance of the plants and different equipment.

Equipment and items used in day to day processes such as brushing our teeth, showering, cooking, heating and lighting were all designed by engineers. Vehicles, aeroplanes, marine vessels, bicycles and other travelling devices are all products of one or more fields of engineering. Engineering services therefore play a great role in the life of human beings.

Importance of Engineering

Engineering is a key driver of innovation in different fields. In the medical field, engineering has made it possible to diagnose different diseases and ailments within a matter of seconds. It has also led to the introduction of new and better treatment methods which have saved and continue to save lives worldwide.

Engineering is also concerned with the protection of our natural resources and the environment through the development of innovative waste recycling machinery that have made it easier to reduce the level of waste thrown out into the environment. Engineers also come up with innovative ways to clean the air and water to help human beings live a better life.

Engineering has diverse application all over the world. From children to the elderly, everyone comes into contact with an engineering invention every day whether at home, on the roads or even at work. This field continues to impact our lives positively and will do so even for future generations.